Sleeping Habits

During our lives we develop many sleeping habits. Some good, some bad. A small change in lifestyle can make a big difference. We often think those changes are drastic and demands you to come out of your comfortzone. Though we all know that sitting around doesn’t bring you anywhere, it is possible to eliminate a lot of small sleep problems by changing or maybe even just maintaining few things we already do in our daily life. For example, by creating a comfortable sleep environment, keeping up a healthful daily balance of nutrition, frequent exercise, and by taking a moment for yourself by relaxing before going to sleep. Achieving a perfect sleeping routine isn’t easy with the everyday struggle of life, but a few small changes can improve the way you sleep in a drastic way. The habits of late bedtimes, short nights and long sleeping weekends should certainly be avoided, especially by adults. A regular and consistent sleeping schedule, even for weekends, maintains the timing of your body’s internal clock and helps you fall asleep and wake up more easy.


If you already make use of an agenda, you could note the hours you set aside for sleep as well as your daily tasks.

When adjusting your sleep habits, the goal is to better maintain your energy level throughout the day. The best way to do this is by implementing relaxing exercises into your sleeping routine. These exercises don’t just make you tired but create substances in your brain that allow your body to relax. Try the following excersises to relax your body and mind before sleep and remember, you can perform each exercise in bed.

6 Yoga Excercises

Basic Stretching

Only 0:00-2:00 minutes

Upside-Down Relaxation Exercise

Only 0:00-2:00 minutes

Wind-Down Twist-Back

Only 2:00-3:00 minutes

Full Body Stretch

Only 3:00-5:00 minutes

The Child Pose

Only 5:00-7:00 minutes


Only 7:00-8:00 minutes

When growing up, a lot of people are allowed to stay up as late as they want, sleeping till late in the afternoon on weekends. You might be one of them, knowing that getting sleep had always been easy. When grown up, you learn to deal with adult life, parenting and financial worries. These responsibility’s demand discipline and suddenly keep you up at night. You find yourself lying in bed for hours not knowing why you can’t sleep. Feeling exhausted and incapable of dealing with your bad sleep habits, no solution or tools to solve your inability to sleep, you need a strategy to overcome many of the factors that keep you awake at night. In this case a good habit would be to plan your sleep and follow a sleep-routine. Instead of doing exercises or doing something practical before going to sleep, you might try these new all natural sleep pills.

The sleep scientists suggest various good sleep habits with the intention of helping adults and children achieve consistent sleep. The main goal of these sleep habits is relaxation in the time before going to sleep. Achieving relaxation  always starts with a comfortable environment and a healthful balance in what you digest.


Good sleep habits:

Find out which habits effect your life and what your doing right.
  1. Follow your sleep and wake-up routine
  1. Drink some warm milk but avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or any conservatives or chemicals.
  1. Before going to sleep, create a calm pre-sleep routine in which you come to a relaxed state.
  1. When you feel (very) tired, go to sleep.
  1. Don’t watch the clock when laying in bed. Don’t check the time over and over.
  1. Light is all around you, use light to your advantage. Try exposing yourself to light at day time and limit your exposure to light in the evening. Close the curtains in the evening.
  1. Your last 3 hours before going to sleep, don’t nap.
  1. Make sure you eat and drink enough and not to early to avoid hunger when going to bed.
  1. Don’t exercise to close to bedtime but exercise regularly.